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Brick Design Trends: Colour

Posted on 20 Oct 2017

Discover which looks and brick colours today’s top designers prefer.

Today's designers have a preference for the simpler smooth faced bricks and bricks with a monochromatic appearance. Grey, silver, brown and lighter colours are becoming more desirable in the WA market. Though there is a demand for both lighter and darker colours, depending on the look which you are going for.

Features such as combination tones, blends, frit and burns have diminished in their appeal, you will notice these used on the older style homes throughout Perth. Lower contrasting, more tonal looks are now preferred.

Midland Brick's bestselling bricks in the WA market reflect different style preferences from around the State. Light colours from the Midland Creams range are popular, while others appreciate more traditional tones, such as Midland Brick's Midland Reds range, a variety of red and orange shades available in a number of textures.

Recently, darker colours have grown in popularity in Perth and WA. An example of this is our new Blackwell Brick from the popular Manor Range, which has a coarse natural texture, featuring white stone fleck and is bold in colour.

When deciding on colour, consider all the components of the building such as the roof, guttering and fascia, as well as doors and window frames.

Limit yourself to one or two trim colours and focus on texture and decorative elements to create a unique look. Remember, brick laying styles also offer choice and can create a variety of different looks.

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