Brick Design Trends: Size

Posted on 20 Oct 2017


Different sized and proportion bricks are used to create visual interest and enhance architectural style. While the standard 76 mm high brick size remains the most popular in Perth, like the Midland Reds, there is a growing interest in using different brick sizes, especially double height bricks.


The 50mm size is used as a feature and companion to the standard size. The flatter, elongated shape of Slimline 50mm high bricks can be used to disrupt convention and give the impression of higher walls. These slimmer bricks can be used for the entire house or for feature walls, window sills, internal features, facades, fireplaces and architectural details. They contrast great with other building materials and finishes such as timber and render.

Double Height

Double height large-format bricks are a very popular format in WA, with their fresh take on traditional brickwork. Replicate the look of limestone and blocks with double height bricks in soft creamy tones with stone-like textures using bricks such as Midland Brick's Florentine Limestone and other two course bricks in the Manor Range.

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