Brick Design Trends: Texture

Posted on 20 Oct 2017

Smooth, lightly rolled, rough, flecked...

The smoother, straight edge products like many in the Midland Brick Midland Reds range are seen as more relevant to today's modern building styles in WA.

Bricks with a light torn face and rolled faces, like that of those within the Manor Range are very popular combined with their double height format, to replicate the look of limestone and blocks. Rough uneven edges and deep roller impressions, like the Handmade Range are favourable for their rustic appearance and the link back to old world style bricks. Midland Brick has seen WA builders use these bricks both in contemporary and heritage style buildings, as this look can offer timeless appeal.

The new Blackwell and Silverbirch bricks offer a distinctly different finish for a lively looking brick. The exceptionally dark colours with coloured flecks allows you to design with confidence and offers a dramatic result particularly when using matching mortar.

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