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All You Need to Know About Brick Types

Posted on 18 Jan 2024

Choosing the right type of brick

When it comes to deciding on bricks for your project, you need to consider three things:

  1. Where you’re using the brick. Is it going to be seen, or is it being used as an internal support structure?
  2. What kind of finish or style do you want to create?
  3. The colour and size of the bricks you want to use for your design

Types of brick

There are two main types of brick to choose from. These are face and common bricks.

Face bricks

These are the bricks that will be visible on the exterior of your project. Typically, they have a much more polished finish, and are used to cover the internal structural bricks.

Face bricks can be either a single or double course brick, depending on their size.

These bricks are available in a variety of colours, sizes and finishes. Some bricks have the traditional rustic or rough tumbled look, whereas others have a very clean and smooth finish.

Common bricks

Common bricks are generally used to build internal structures, and are the most frequently used type of brick.

These bricks don’t have any sort of finish on the face, as they’re not designed to be seen.

Single course face bricks

Recycled bricks

Recycled bricks are sourced from demolition sites, giving each brick its own completely unique look.

These bricks are increasingly being used by leading interior designers and architects as they want to add charm and character to a structure or space.

View the Recycled brick range.

Revival range

The Revival range brings the feeling of old and new together, and is guaranteed to make your project stand out.

These bricks are also available in a tumbled finish to give them a rough texture, uneven edges and a rustic look that's similar to recycled bricks.

View the Revival range.

Contempo Madrid range

The Contempo Madrid range is a premium slimline brick range crafted in Spain. This unique collection is very distinctive and creates a dense and very durable ultra-smooth, modern finish.

Note: Slimline bricks have dimensions of 290 x 90 x 47mm.

View the Contempo Madrid range.

Estilo range

Estilo bricks are another premium range of face bricks crafted in Spain.

Made from high-quality materials, this collection offers a unique and durable finish that complements current trends.

View the Estilo range.

Double course face bricks

Two course bricks are twice the height of standard sized clay face bricks. Choosing this style has many benefits, including:

  • Providing a larger face area. These bricks have dimensions of 290 x 90 x 162mm.
  • Giving your home more colour and texture
  • Lowering costs by using less bricks
  • Reducing building time

The most common double course bricks are our Manor Range.

Manor is a stylish and popular option for a wide variety of architectural styles and are particularly well suited to coastal-inspired homes or those with a classically Australian influence.

View the Manor Range.

Best brick type for building a fire pit

Due to being fired at high temperatures, bricks are highly resistant to flames, making them a great option for building your own fire pit.

Through exposure to flames and smoke, fire pit bricks will become discoloured over time. Therefore, standard bricks are perfectly suited to the task, and have the added benefit of providing a rustic feel.

Best brick types for different home styles

Contemporary design

This style is characterised by its clean lines and can be perfectly complemented with bricks from our Contempo Madrid and Estilo ranges.


The key to an urban design is creating a sleek and edgy look, matched with the unexpected use of raw materials. Consider internal walls of exposed brick to add a bold twist. For this look, we recommend our popular Restoration Red and Revival collections.


Inspired by trends that never go out of style, this look creates a warm and inviting feeling into your space. For anything from Colonial to Federation, you’ll find plenty of choice in our Classic and Manor ranges.


This is a style inspired by the natural environment, and is designed to create a light and relaxed feel. Consider bricks in our Classic or Manor ranges, with careful consideration for the mortar colour and joint finish.

Learn more about creating your ideal home design.

If you need help finding the right types of brick for your project, come into one of our showrooms and speak to our friendly sales team.

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