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Brick Sizes

Did you know bricks come in different sizes? A combination of brick sizes can be used for the entire house. Consider patterns, window sills, feature walls, formal areas and architectural details.

Standard or Single Course Bricks

Our range of standard sized bricks such as the Classic Range, are a classic style which have been used in Western Australia for decades. Timeless quality, with cool, gentle colours and subtle blends that truly reflect the West Australian lifestyle.

Standard or single course bricks are 230mm long x 110mm wide x 76mm high. 

Slimline Bricks

Midland Brick also offer a range of slimline bricks which are truly spectacular to see. Used as predominantly as feature walls both internally and externally, these bricks can create a visually striking element to your house. Our Contempo Madrid range is a premium range crafted in Spain. The unique colours are totally distinctive to this exceptional collection. And the Spanish clays create a dense and very durable ultra-smooth finish.

Slimline bricks are 47mm high, 290mm long x 90mm wide.

Double Height or Two Course Bricks

Midland Brick offer the largest range of Two Course bricks in Western Australia. Double sized clay face bricks are becoming a very popular choice for many West Australians, as it lowers the building costs, and can decrease building time substantially. Available in a variety of textures and tones for all architectural styles, the Midland Brick Manor Range is a solid choice for your next build.