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History of Brick Sizes

Getting to know more about brick sizes




Not always the standard

For centuries, brick sizes had remained relatively unchanged.

Then in 1784 brick sizes in the UK suddenly increased when a cash-poor government placed a tax on every thousand bricks used. Unsurprisingly, it didn't take long for some crafty brickmakers to make larger bricks - to reduce the tax.

The government soon responded by regulating brick sizes and doubling the tax on anything larger. Brick sizes very quickly returned to the standard!







Reinventing the face brick

With the advancements in technology and manufacture the choice of brick sizes, and styles have dramatically increased, putting them firmly on the radar for architects, designers and home builders.

Over the past 30 years, Midland Brick has pioneered much of this development and introduced many new face brick sizes; ranging from double-height to ultra-slim Georgian and Roman styles.



Sizing up your options

These days there is so much choice. In fact, you’ll find close to 60 different face bricks at Midland Brick - from the traditional standard to the ultra-slim Contempo and double-height Manor Range, topped off by the ultra-stylish New York series.

With so many brick sizes  available, it’s essential you spend time to choose wisely. Of course, your builder or architect will be your guide here. Or if you're an Owner Builder, the staff at Midland Brick will be able to assist with any information about brick sizes and brick types.

So, before you build, get along to any one of our display centres in Middle Swan, Joondalup and Homebase Subiaco to discover the very latest in brick styles.

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