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Benefits of Segmental Pavers

Midland Brick pavers are classified as segmental paving - meaning the pavers are individual pieces. So why choose segmental pavers for your home or DIY project over other paving products?

Do it yourself

  • Segmental pavers don't have to be laid by trained installers, as long as the correct laying techniques are followed. This can reduce the labour costs of paving and if done properly can look just as professional. Midland Brick has a DIY guide to laying pavers available to download at the bottom of the page.
  • Installing pavers yourself can add personal value to your home as well as a level of satisfaction.
  • Individual pavers allow installation to be done at your own pace; you can stop and start as need be.

Creative paving & flexibility

  • Segmental pavers can be laid in different patterns to make the most of your outdoor space and design.
  • Midland Brick pavers can be laid spaced apart or as stepping stones with attractive pebbles, bark or plants in between.

Change your paving

  • Down the track you may choose to change your paver laying pattern or extend or reduce the paved area for a different garden design.
  • Pavers can be pulled up, re-located and re-used. Pipes and services can be accessed without obvious signs of change, if done properly. And it's easy to replace damaged or stained pavers unlike other forms of ground covers.

Pave it smart

  • Midland Brick pavers can be laid on crushed rock and sand so you don't need a concrete base (as you would for thin natural stone for example) or a professional to lay the concrete - this can make it cheaper.

Other benefits of Midland Brick pavers include:


  • Midland Brick has been the supplier of choice for bricks and pavers in WA for over 65 years. Visit one of our 6 local Midland Brick display centres in Perth or one of our many resellers in regional areas.

Large range of paver colours, shapes & styles

  • Midland Brick has a wide variety of styles, sizes, shapes, colours and textures of pavers to choose from, giving you endless design possibilites.

Paving steps & swimming pools

  • A number of Midland Brick pavers come with a matching bullnose paver to create neater finishes and rounded edges on stairs and around pools.


  • Midland Brick's Large format pavers means less pavers are needed to fill a space and they help to make spaces appear larger. They also take less time to install them and...
  • ...less time spent mowing the lawn!

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