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Brochures & Manuals


Paving Range Brochure

Showcases Midland Brick`s range of clay and masonry pavers. This brochure is a must have for all builders, renovators and landscapers in WA!

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Midland Brick Retail Price List

Midland Brick Retail price list for all face and internal bricks, clay and concrete pavers, masonry blocks and retaining walls in Western Australia.

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Ashlar Pavers

Change the way you think about paving with Midland Brick`s Ashlar Range. This customised pattern is formed by using a variety of paver shapes and sizes to create a truly individual look.

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Boulevard Pavers

The Boulevard Pavers Range introduces an alternative style of large format paving which is perfect for today`s contemporary architecture and landscape design.

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Colonnade Pavers

New Colonnade is a visually striking large-format paver with a smooth, marble-like finish. Perfect for patios and residential driveways, Colonnade is easily laid, with its shape and size creating the illusion of a large floor space.

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Masterpave Granite

This new addition to our popular Masterpave range is an affordable option to achieve a very modern look. Long lasting and hard wearing, the surface is shot blasted to reveal aggregate detail and texture.

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Promenade Honed

Add a little polish to your space with Promenade Honed, our new smooth-finish large format paver.

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Roadpave Coach

Developed in 1980 and used extensively across Perth, Midland Brick`s Roadpave 76mm clay pavers are purpose-made for public roadways and commercial applications and are capable of handling heavy vehicular traffic.

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Signature Series Rockpave

Get the look of natural stone without the price tag! Midland Brick`s new Signature Series Rockpave paver combined style and economy.

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Stylestone Rockpave

The classic look and timeless beauty of Stylestone Rockpave work beautifully together to create a truly individual statement. Smart and elegant, these large format pavers will create the finishing touch to your landscape design and add value and style to your home.

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Midland Brick Technical Manual

Midland Brick's Technical Manual, specifications, sizes and performance data for Internal Bricks and Masonry Blocks. Please always refer online for the latest updates.

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Hints For Cutting Pavers

This information sheet contains useful information on cutting bricks and pavers.

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Safe Movement and Storage of Pavers

This information sheet tells you how to safely move and store your bricks and pavers.

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Blending Pavers

Use this information sheet to ensure that the overall unique appearance of paving is maintained by blending your product during installation.

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How to Lay Midland Pavers

This information sheet details how to lay Midland Brick pavers, from start to finish.

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Crossover Guide

This information sheet details laying recommendations for paved crossovers and driveways.

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