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Private Residence - Handmade Helena Vale Bricks

Private Residence - Handmade Helena Vale Bricks

The commanding presence of this grand home in Perth's Swan Valley region is offset nicely by Midland Bricks' Handmade Helena Vale face bricks.

The clay brickwork helps this home to blend beautifully into its natural riverside surroundings despite its size.

The expanse of the large walls are visually broken down by the subtle variation in the colour of the chosen bricks, and by features in the brickwork itself such as sloping sills on the windows, a row of corbelling between the lower and upper storeys, and corbelling supporting the upper storey bay windows.

Midland Bricks' Handmade range is full of character. Each brick is unique and distinctive in its own right due to the firing process, which creates an age-old hand-thrown appearance.

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