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Sol Construction - Restoration Red Coach Bricks

Sol Construction - Restoration Red Coach Bricks

Located in the stylish inner Perth area of Subi Centro, Midland Bricks' Restoration Red Coach was selected for this warehouse-style home.

Rich hues and natural tones, along with the coach style clay bricks (which are 'rumbled' by Midland Brick to knock the edges off the brick to produce a rustic look) make this home look as if it has stood the test of time in this modern precinct, but it is just a few years old.

Tall glass windows and the modern look of steel adds to the industrial look of this home, which is set off by the detail of the bricks earthy colours, including reds, blues and whites.

Midland Bricks' Reds Range is truly versatile - at home in both traditional and contemporary architectural styles.

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