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St Bartholomew's House

St Bartholomew's House

Charitable organisation St. Bartholomew's House had identified a flaw in current social housing strategies - as homeless clients graduated from crisis care, to transitional care, to long term accommodation, making it difficult to provide continuity and an ongoing sense of community.

Perth architects, Formworks worked closely with St. Bartholomew's to understand the client's culture and needs, travelling extensively to visit social housing projects around Australia. The outcome is an innovative $30m building that uses sunlight, a complex mixture of private and shared spaces, and a rich and unified design theme to allow residents and staff to create a new community, along with safer connections to the outside world.

Formworks carefully considered design initiatives, including a safe communal atmosphere created by a number of intimate courtyards and an 'Internal Street'. And materials were carefully selected to create a domestic feel, through colour and textures.

The building's external skin is a combination of three different cladding materials - face and glazed bricks, perforated aluminium panels and coloured concrete blocks. Together they give the building a human scale, despite its size, and make it feel both secure and welcoming.

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