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Choosing a Roof Tile

Unsure where you should start when it comes to choosing a roof tile? Read our guide below for helpful hints and tips.


The natural beauty of terracotta is built to last, with a 50-year performance guarantee.


Terracotta tiles on average have 13 tiles to the square metre, although this will vary with the complexity of the roof design. They are designed to interlock at both the head and the sides and can be laid in either a cross bond or straight bond fashion, depending on the profile.

All roof tiles from Midland Brick are salt-safe and frost resistant, making them suitable for any location, including coastal areas.


The profile refers to a tile's shape and design at its cross-section. This can be either flat or shaped. A key consideration when choosing a profile is the pitch of your roof, as well as the architectural style of the house. In the wet, the steeper the roof pitch, the faster the rainwater will run off it. The channels in shaped profile tiles also act as a natural watercourse for rain.

If you prefer a more streamlined contemporary look, try our flat shingle profile. These deliver the flat clean appearance becoming so popular across Perth metropolitan and rural house styles.

Colour & Finish

Next, it's colour, one of the most fundamental influences on the style, character and essence of your home.

In terracotta, there is a large assortment of colours available across the collection. These are applied in five different finishes: full glazed (in either high gloss or matt); semi-glazed, for a traditional mottled appearance; unglazed for the look of natural clay, or the new metallic finish.

Colour Selection

When it comes to colour, it's easy to feel overwhelmed by the sheer number of options available. But by planning well in advance and following a few simple guidelines, you can create a look you will admire for years to come:

  • A good place to start is by collecting reference material - photos you've taken yourself or from magazines and brochures of inspiring colour schemes.
  • The architectural style of your home and its environment (including surrounding homes) is a major factor. Now's not necessarily a good time to unleash that desire to be original!
  • As a general rule, look for colours that together are either in harmony or contrast. Primary considerations in selecting roof colour are the guttering and fascia finish of your home, as these are in closest proximity. Next are exterior walls, garage doors and window frames.
  • Currently, we are seeing a move toward lighter colours that blend with the natural environment. For a more substantial appearance, roof colour should be darker than walls.
  • Trust your instincts and choose what's right for you, not your friends or family.


Finally, it's time to accessorise your roof - and when it comes to roofing, it's not merely a case of optional extras. Some accessories, such as sarking, have become the new essential item to enhance functional performance. Others are designed for their aesthetic qualities and like everything else in your home, the right accompaniments can turn generic into standout.

Accent Ridging & Sarking

Accent Ridging, also known as Butt Ridging, seamlessly aligns ridge capping end-to-end to achieve one smooth line without steps. Check for its availability on your chosen tile profile. Sarking, which is a reflective foil insulation, is recommended for all tiled roofs to enhance energy efficiency and weather-proofing. It must be installed at the time of building.


Getting a great roof is also dependent on a good installation from a qualified installer. To be sure your roof is installed to Midland Brick specifications; we recommend a Midland Brick preferred installer. Call 13 15 40 for more information.


Midland Brick has a range of terracotta and ceramic roof tiles to choose from in French, Swiss, Shingle, Artline and Wave profiles. For sales enquiries, speak to our friendly customer service team on 13 15 40.