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Vistapave Changes FAQs

What is happening to Vistapave?

The Vistapave size of pavers (190x190x60mm) are being discontinued.

What date did this start?

1 April 2023

What can I get instead of Vistapave?

Vistapave is being replaced with Masterpave (200x200x60mm). 

Are the colours and textures changing?

The Granite, Geo and Stonewash Collection textures and colours will remain the same, but in a Masterpave size.

Why is this happening?

Midland Brick has consolidated its paving offering as two very similar sized pavers are no longer required.

Will Vistapave still be available to purchase via the webshop?

No, Vistapave will be unavailable for purchasing online. Please contact the Midland Brick Sales team for more information on stock availability.

I have selected Vistapave through my builder, what do I do?

Please liaise directly with your builder.

I have Vistapave laid already and want more, what do I do?

Please contact the Midland Brick Sales team.  Stock of Vistapave product will be available for a limited period. We will endeavour to meet your requirements as best we can.

If your required Vistapave product is not available, we will advise accordingly and suggest alternative products. 

I have Vistapave product, will the colour match to the Masterpave version?

It is important to note that variation will occur naturally within a product run and with each production run of products.  When ordering product, we recommend they are all ordered and delivered at the same time to ensure colour consistency as colours vary within and between batches.  The Granite, Geo and Stonewash Collection textures and colours will remain the same, but in the Masterpave size.

Does the price change?

Yes, please check with the Midland Brick Sales team for quotes on the equivalent Masterpave products.

Does the pack size and weights change?

Yes, the Masterpave pack sizes and weights are different to Vistapave specifications.  Please refer to our Product Data Sheets for more information or ask the Midland Brick team.

Product Data Sheets are located in the Technical Information section at the bottom of each product page.