Cream Mexi Coach
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Dimensions :
230 x 110 x 76 mm
Standard Weight : 2.78 kg
Number Per Pack : 264
Number per m² : 48.5
$371.71 Per Pack
or $1408.00 Per 1000
Price includes GST
& Part Packs
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Bricks Calculator

Need help calculating the number of bricks you need for your project? Simply enter the area in square metres.

Note: Midland Brick recommends adding a wastage allowance of approximately 5% to your order.

@ %

This application has been provided as a guide only.
Before ordering your product or commencing your project, be sure to
check the quantity with your installer and add a wastage allowance.

How to calculate your wall area

Measure your area to determine the amount of bricks required.

This area is simply calculated by
Length (m) x Width (m) = Area (m²) for the basic square or rectangular spaces. (Where m = metres)

For odd shapes break your area into sections

1) 5m x 3m = 15m²
2) 4m x 2m = 8m²
3) 3m x 4m = 12m²
Total = 35m²

Warm ivory tones and the creamy limestone shades of allow you to create the classic beauty of understated elegance.

The cool coastal colours are perfectly suited to Perth's warm Mediterranean climate.

Cream Mexi Coach pack details
Bricks per sq metre: 48.5
Bricks per pack: 264

Cream mexi Coach bricks are delivered in packs, which consist of four leaves of 66 bricks per leaf.

Coach style bricks have been purposely rumbled which removes their smooth clean edges to produce a rustic effect.

Whilst every effort is made to supply bricks consistent with examples, variation will occur naturally in the production of all kiln-fired products. Colours are reproduced as faithfully as possible to the original product, however colour variation will occur due to the limitations in the photographic process.

Please check stock availablity before placing an order. Stock availability may vary on a day-to-day basis particularly for load bearing bricks, non-standard product and special shapes. Please discuss your requirements with a Midland Brick sales advisor.


L: 230 mm

W: 110 mm

H: 76 mm


L: 230 mm

W: 110 mm

H: 76 mm

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