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Guide to Pavers

Qualities of pavers

Pavers are a strong, long lasting, and aesthetically appealing material to choose.

By themselves, pavers are already a durable material, however their lifespan can be extended by applying a sealer.

Sealing pavers protects them from stains, tyre marks, chipping and any other wear and tear.

Find out more about how to maintain your pavers.


Pavers are an affordable material choice for many homes in comparison to other product options when you compare it by cost per square metre.

Low maintenance

Pavers are a low maintenance option as they don’t crack or chip easily.

Paver applications


Concrete segmental pavers are the ideal material for constructing suburban driveways. They’re strong, durable, and aesthetically appealing.

When pavers are selected and laid correctly, the driveway will stand up to almost anything driven on it.

The two most important considerations of choosing driveway pavers is the size of the paver and the way your pavers are laid. Pavers are laid in specific patterns, depending on what they’re used for.

The strongest paving pattern for driveways is called a “herringbone” pattern. This involves laying pavers in “L” shapes at 90 degrees to one another, and repeating this over and over, creating a strong interlocking bond.

The best size paver for a driveway is any with a thickness of 60mm as this gives the pavers the strength needed for driveways with heavy vehicles.

Learn more about driveway pavers

Pool areas

Paving your pool area is not only a design choice, it also adds much needed safety measures, with the main consideration being that they provide extra grip when walking on them.

There are many paver options to consider, however we recommend pavers with a smooth finish.

Smooth pavers are much more comfortable to walk on, and they won’t do as much damage if anyone slips and grazes a knee.

Pavers also are a durable option that can withstand constant exposure to sunlight, damage from any pool chemicals and they don’t easily chip.

Stepping stones and paths

Pavers are also a durable option when creating stepping stones and paths in your garden. They offer good drainage, and there are many innovative ways to integrate pathways into your space to complete the look.

When choosing pavers for stepping stones or paths, any with a rough finish are best. This is because the roughness gives the pavers added grip, making them a safer option. Pavers such as granite or stonewash are perfect options for this application.

Style considerations


There are many colours of pavers to choose from, helping you to create the perfect aesthetic throughout your outdoor area.

When it comes to choosing the colour of your pavers, it’s all down to your personal preference!

You can choose to have one colour paver throughout the area, or if you want to create directional and featured elements, mixing and matching colours is also an option.

Paver sizes

Depending on the area you’re paving, there are different types of pavers and thicknesses which are better suited than types.

50mm thick pavers

50mm thick pavers are suited to pathways, stepping stones, patios and alfresco areas.

60mm thick pavers

60mm pavers are suited to all the same areas as the 50mm pavers, with the addition of driveways for vehicles.


The edge shape of your pavers is an important consideration to factor into your decision.

Pencil round pavers are best for areas like pathways and steps whereas bullnose shaped pavers are typically best for pool edging or steps.

These pavers are finishing products to the rest of your paving and typically are sold by the linear metre (not by the pack).

Pencil-shaped paver

Bullnose-shaped paver

Range of pavers

Masterpave pavers

The Masterpave Classic range features simple clean lines to enhance everyday living and is perfectly priced to suit any budget.

Sizes: 200 x 200 x 50mm and 200 x 200 x 60mm.

Suitable for: Driveways, pedestrian paths, patios and courtyards.

Promenade pavers

The contemporary clean lines of the Midland Brick Promenade Classic range, creates a bold modern look.

With a smooth texture and 2mm bevel, Promenade Classic pavers create a perfect seamless integration between inside and out.

Sizes: 300 x 300 x 40mm and 300 x 300 x 60mm.

Suitable for: Driveways (60mm version) and any outdoor area including garden paths, patios or courtyards.

Grandpave pavers

The Grandpave paver is a large format square paver that brings greater versatility when designing and planning open areas.

Sizes: 330 x 330 x 60mm

Suitable for: Use in all residential applications.

Flagstone pavers

Flagstone pavers are a stylish small format rectangular paver, with a range of contemporary colours and finishes.

Sizes: 330 x 165 x 60mm

Suitable for: Paths, patios, driveways for both commercial and residential use.

Boulevard pavers

Boulevard Classic pavers introduces an alternative style of large format concrete paving. Perfect for today’s contemporary architecture and landscape design, the large rectangular profile creates the opportunity for conventional designs or a more contemporary look using a stack bond finish or a combination of textures.

Sizes: 330 x 165 x 60mm

Suitable for: Paths, patios, driveways for both commercial and residential use.

Cambridge pavers

Cambridge pavers are a stylish modern large format paver and are available in our three most popular colours - Charcoal, Steel Grey and Limestone.

Sizes: 400 x 400 x 40mm

Suitable for: Outdoor alfresco and entertaining areas, and pedestrian traffic (paths).

Colonnade pavers

Colonnade pavers are a visually striking large format concrete paver with a smooth marble-like finish. Colonnade is easily laid, with its rectangle shape and unique size creating clean lines and a sense of scale.

Available in three beautiful colours - Onyx, Travertine and Alpine Ash.

Sizes: 600 x 300 x 60mm

Suitable for: Paths, patios and residential driveways.

Pavestone pavers

The Pavestone range is a practical, affordable and versatile choice for any project.

The smooth texture and bevelled edge will add style to any area. This traditional format 60mm concrete paver is available in seven colours and is perfect for many applications.

Sizes: 230 x 114 x 60mm

Suitable for: Paths, patios, driveways for both commercial and residential use.

Want to know more about each range of pavers? Download your pavers brochure.

How to lay pavers

If you want to lay your own pavers, there are a few things you need to keep top of mind. These are:

  1. Ensuring the area you’re paving is level
  2. Having your paving slope away from any building close by
  3. Making sure to allow for the depth of the base layer, bedding sand and paver when excavating your area.

Laying pavers correctly is a very involved process, so we recommend you reading through our complete guide before you start!

If you would prefer to have someone do it for you, Midland Brick does offer a supply and install option! Visit our website to request your free quote.

Frequently asked questions

How do I measure and calculate the area I’m paving?

Step one is knowing the exact dimensions of the area you want to pave.

Using a tape measure and string, paper and pencil, measure out your area and write down the measurements. We recommend doing this multiple times to make sure it’s accurate.

Once you have measured your area, you can start to draw up your plan. The quantity of the materials needed for the paving job depends upon the total area to be paved.

The area is calculated by measuring the width and length of the paving site.

Depending on the shape of the area, this calculation can be very straightforward or a bit more complicated.

When calculating the amount of pavers you’ll need, we recommend adding on an additional 5% to take into consideration any breakage or wastage. This will ensure you have enough to complete your project and ensure colour consistency.

Do pavers fade over time?

All concrete pavers will fade over time when exposed to direct sunlight.

To maintain and enhance their colour, we highly recommend sealing your pavers.

How do I ensure colour consistency when paving a large area?

When buying pavers, we recommend ordering everything you’ll need for your project at once to ensure colour consistency, as colours can vary within and between batches.

How do I blend pavers?

If you’ve ordered different colours for your project, blending them is important to make sure it all flows together. For the best colour blending results, be sure to take pavers evenly from various batches as you lay.

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If you would like some guidance on choosing the right pavers for your outdoor area, come into any of our showrooms and our retail team and branch managers will be happy to help!