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Guide to Roof Tiles

Finding the perfect roof tiles to complete your home

Ready to choose a roofing material for your home? Choose roof tiles. 

As the roof is typically the largest surface area of a house, choosing the right roofing material to suit your location and style of your home is central to maintaining its good looks and value. 

Roof tiles are a strong, durable, and versatile product option, giving you complete flexibility to choose the perfect colour, style and finish you’re after.

Midland Brick’s range of roof tiles gives you the ability to achieve long lasting good looks, plus flexibility in design to suit a wide range of architectural styles and specifications

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Qualities of roof tiles

Choosing roof tiles over other materials provides your home with a number of benefits and features.

Design flexibility

Midland Brick’s range of roof tile, profiles and colour options suit a variety of architectural styles.

Acoustic performance

The thickness and density of roof tiles offers greater acoustic insulation than any other roof type.  This helps reduce external sounds such as planes, road noise and particularly rain or hail.

Salt-safe and frost resistant

Concrete, terracotta, and ceramic roof tiles are salt-safe and frost resistant, making them suitable for any location, including harsh marine areas.

Fire resistant

Concrete, terracotta, and ceramic roof tiles are made from noncombustible materials and can safely be used in bushfire prone areas when they’re installed to Australian Standards.

Wind resistant

The weight of the roofing material itself impacts performance in high wind areas. Roof tiles have been tested and can withstand wind speeds of up to 200 kph.

Thermal performance

Roof tiles can help you enjoy more comfortable living in summer and winter.

The thermal mass of clay and concrete, when used correctly, can improve insulation properties, in addition to considerations such as sarking and overall solar design.

Low maintenance

After installation, roof tiles require little to no maintenance. Due to their natural strength and durability, roof tiles rarely require any maintenance making them a long term investment.

After installation, roof tiles require little to no maintenance.  Due to their natural strength and durability, roof tiles rarely require any maintenance making them a long term investment.

Long lasting

The durability of these products is due to the inherent strength of the materials invested into their designs.

Concrete tiles actually get stronger with age, while terracotta tiles are fired and hardened in a kiln for several days during the manufacturing process.

Midland Brick stands by the quality of roof tiles, offering a 50 year warranty for all concrete and clay tiles.

Rainwater & water tank safe

If you’re not sure about the safety of drinking rainwater collected in your tank from your roof, you can rest assured that all Midland Brick roof tiles conform to the World Health Organisation’s standards for clean and safe drinking water.

During the roof tile manufacturing process, no hazardous toxins are injected into the tiles. This means that any rainwater collected on your roof and stored in a water tank is completely safe to drink.

However, external contaminants such as clogged gutters, animal interference and pollution must still be addressed.

Roof tile material options

Concrete roof tiles

Concrete roof tiles are made from a mixture of cement, sand, water, and pigment. These tiles are a popular choice for many homeowners and builders due to their affordability, versatility, and durability.

Because the colouring of a concrete tile is either integrally bonded with the body of the tile, or it is ‘through-colour’ with the entire body of the tile being coloured, there is no risk of peeling or delamination of the coloured surface.

Benefits of choosing concrete roof tiles

  • These tiles are available in a range of different colours and profiles.
  • Are an incredibly strong product offering.
  • Come with a 50 year product warranty.
  • Can withstand wind speeds up to 200 KPH.
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Terracotta roof tiles (clay)

Terracotta roof tiles (also known as clay tiles) are formed from blends of natural clays and shales which are kiln fired to lock in their colour and ensure ultimate durability.

Terracotta is a natural clay product that is typically a reddish brown colour. It has been used as a building material throughout the ages, as it provides a strong form of protection against the elements.

There are two options when it comes to choosing a finish for your terracotta tiles: unglazed or glazed.

If you prefer the distinctive, reddish brown colour of terracotta tiles, choose unglazed tiles as they have no other pigment added.

Choosing a glazed terracotta tile provides you with many more colour options, ranging from the palest ivory to deep reds and blackish hues.

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Factors to consider when choosing roof tiles


Where you live is an important consideration when choosing roof tiles.

If you live in a wind or bushfire prone area, both terracotta (clay) and concrete roof tiles are strong options as they have fire resistant properties making them more durable, as well as having a high wind resistance.

Their superior wind performance is due to the heavy weight associated with roof tiles, allowing them to better repel against high wind speeds, something that lighter roof materials struggle to combat, particularly in emergencies.

The tile profile

A tile’s profile refers to its shape and design.

Midland Brick roof tile profiles range from smooth and flat, to having prominent undulations (waves) on the surface.

Key considerations when choosing a profile will be the angle of your roof (also known as the pitch), as well as its style.

Some profiles interlock differently depending on the pitch, so you need to determine the pitch of your roof before making your selection.



Villa tiles have a versatile wave profile that combines traditional good looks with exceptional product performance.



Contemporary shingle tiles will be the envy of your neighbours with a modern flat, smooth concrete roof tile that delivers a streamlined look.

Designer Ceramic


A contemporary take on a much-loved minimalist classic, our state-of-the-art shingle tiles offer an exclusive look with their smooth, refined finish.



Meaning ‘baked earth’ in Italian, terracotta, is a natural clay product that has been used throughout the ages for protection against the elements.



With outstanding colour performance and a resistance to harsh UV exposure, terracotta roof tiles are well-suited for the tough Australian climate.

Ridge capping

Ridge capping is a finishing product that’s included in your roof tile purchase. The type of ridge capping you receive will depend on the roof tile profile you choose.

Roof tiles with a French and Swiss profile, have a collared ridge cap. This means they have a raised edge on end, creating a special shaped profile when they overlap along the roof line.

For roof tiles with a Shingle or Villa profile, ridge caps are collarless. This type of ridge cap gives you more flexibility in deciding how you want to lay your tiles.

There are two choices for laying these tiles: Stepped (which is standard) or a Butt Ridge. A butt ridge costs extra to install, however it can provide a more streamlined look if that’s what you’re after. The choice is one to discuss with your builder, architect or roof tile installer.

Colour considerations

When choosing the colour of your tiles, it’s important to note that most colour pigments tend to mellow over time due to the constant high levels of ultraviolet light and solar radiation exposure.

To alleviate these conditions, concrete tiles are produced in a range of intensely pigmented colours, selected for their limited reaction to ultra-violet.

Another factor which can affect the colour of roofing materials is the growth of moss or lichens. If there is a high likelihood of moss or lichen growth, you may wish to choose a darker tile so these are less noticeable.

Lichen spores are normally present in the air and can grow on most roofing materials. Moss grows only where there is a sufficient build-up of dirt particles to support the root growth of the plant. Therefore, flatter roofs and granular surfaces are most prone to this growth.

Protecting your roof tiles with sarking

Sarking is a thermal insulation sheet that’s applied to your roof prior to tile installation, helping to reduce the need for heating and cooling within your home. It also helps keep moisture out of your home by acting like a second skin.

Benefits of sarking

  • Improves temperature regulation within your home.
  • Prevents water entry during high wind and driving rain under storm conditions.
  • Limits the amount of dust in your home.
  • Helps protect your home from moulds that damage your roof.
  • Recommended if you’re wanting to install solar panels on your roof.

Why sarking is so important (particularly in bushfire prone areas)

While roof tiles already have fire resistant properties, the performance of roof tiles can be enhanced with sarking.

Homes destroyed in bushfires can be a result of travelling embers. Embers are capable of travelling many kilometres so even homes outside the bushfire areas are vulnerable. By adding sarking, it can help to slow down the spread of embers.

Roofing new homes versus re-roofing

If you’re looking to reroof your home as part of a renovation, the process of finding the right products, accessories and installation will vary in comparison to roofing a brand new home.

At Midland Brick, we can help you with your re-roofing needs. Simply get in contact and one of our team members can help get you started.

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Product warranty

Midland Brick believes premium products should come with a premium guarantee, which is why our concrete and clay tiles come with a 50 year warranty.

Frequently asked questions

Why choose tiles over tin roofing?

There are many benefits to choosing roof tiles over other materials like tin.

  1. Design

    Boasting a wide variety of colours, shapes, shades and styles, roof tiles offer a creative license with a potential that is almost limitless. From Traditional Federation, to Spanish Colonial Revival or Contemporary Modern and beyond, roof tiles can be optimised to conform to your favourite design style or can even be customised to create something truly unique and one-of-a-kind.

  2. Product lifespan

    Roof tiles are known for their durability and longevity, often lasting for decades with minimal maintenance. In contrast, tin roofing may require more frequent repairs or replacements due to its susceptibility to rust and corrosion over time.

  3. Better insulation

    Roof tiles offer better insulation properties than a tin roof can provide, helping to regulate temperature and reduce energy costs.

  4. Weather tested

    Terracotta and concrete roof tiles offer high wind performance and are capable of resisting winds up to 200 kph, which exceeds typical cyclone conditions.

How durable are roof tiles?

Based on experience to date in the Australian climate, roof tiles can be expected to perform satisfactorily for periods in excess of 50 years.

With their proven record of resistance to corrosive atmospheres, concrete tiles are the most suitable form of roofing for houses in close proximity to the coast.

Tests conducted by the WA Institute of Technology, in which samples of 10-year-old concrete tiles from seaside suburbs of Perth were compared with new tiles from the same factory, showed that the physical properties of the tiles were not affected by prolonged exposure to the coastal environment.

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French Terracotta

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