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Benefits of Brick

Energy Efficiency

These days, energy efficiency and thermal comfort are such essential parts of home design that they have become a central focus for builders and architects.

Energy efficiency is the correct use of thermal mass, which helps moderate internal temperatures. This plays a significant role in the comfort rating of your home, as well as reducing your energy bills.

Among the most effective building materials are clay and concrete bricks, clay and concrete roof tiles and cement. All are high-density and perfect for an energy-efficient home. In contrast, lightweight materials and construction methods are generally less efficient.

Did you know?
Heating and cooling account for around 39% of the average home's energy use? Bricks can help insulate your home and save on energy bills.

Nothing is more important than the material you choose, which is why thousands of West Australian's have already built with brick - using double brick construction. If you're thinking of building, we encourage you to think seriously about the benefits of brick.


In Australia, bricks are one of the most reliable and durable building materials in use today. Relatively unchanged in over 2000 years, brick has stood the test of time around the world.

In Western Australia, many examples date back to our early settlement, like the remarkable State Buildings in the city and the grand old homes of Mt Lawley and Fremantle. And if that doesn't impress, there's the Great Wall of China and ancient Roman aqueducts.

To appreciate the strength and durability of brick, you only have to think about how bricks survive the force of nature that sweeps Australia each year with bushfires, cyclones and winter gales, and all the havoc they can bring.

Brick never needs painting and hardly ever needs cleaning. It never rots, fades, peels or dents.

Noise Control

When you’re building a new home, you’ll appreciate the protection and toughness of brick. The kids can play cricket against it. You can mow a lawn and rest a ladder against it without a worry. Best of all, bricks make for a quieter home, dramatically reducing noise such as traffic, aircraft and neighbours. And compared to lighter weight materials, using brick internally will reduce noise between rooms.

Fire Resistance

Clay bricks are made to withstand the ravages of heat and fire - having endured temperatures exceeding 2000º during manufacture. This makes them more or less impervious to fire damage. And they won’t lose any structural integrity, which means they can be re-used - even in load-bearing walls.

And unlike many alternatives, bricks are non-combustible. They won’t fire-proof a home, but importantly they won’t cause or spread fire, making them ideal for building in bushfire-prone areas. 

Building in brick will give you peace-of-mind and ensures a strong structure for protecting your investment.

Structural Capability

Brick has a classic, timeless quality while still being contemporary, innovative and versatile. And today's generation of bricks offers more choice than ever before.

There's a brick for every home in every suburb, town, city, bush or beach block. There's a brick for every style: architectural ultra-modern, colonial, coastal beach, country homestead, single or double storeys and even for matching renovations.

Today, face bricks come in more colours, textures and sizes than ever before, from whites to vibrant reds and even black, and everything in between. And if you want the look of render without the maintenance, then consider building in smooth monochromatic face brick colours and matching mortar.

Nothing has more design diversity than clay brick – and nothing will outlast it.