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Clay Pavers

Limestone Concrete Paving by Midland Brick

When was the last time you brought something almost indestructible?

It’s an interesting question, but not a surprising one when you learn more about clay pavers.

Being made from natural clay, which is among the most abundant, natural and indestructible materials on the planet, you start to get a sense of the uniqueness of such an available and often overlooked product.

Why Midland clay pavers?

Midland Brick know a thing or two about making clay pavers. They pioneered manufacture in WA during the early 70s with the first commercial clay pavers being laid in 1972 on the forecourt of the Perth Concert Hall. They are still there today – 47 years later. Just image how many feet have walked over these!

So how would clay pavers work for you?

Segmental clay pavers (technical jargon for individual pavers) are highly adaptable and ideal for difficultly shaped and contoured areas, such as sloped driveways, curved edges and winding paths. Plus, when it comes to that all-important driveway, clay pavers are strong, low maintenance and can easily be replaced where accidental oil stains or damage may occur. In fact, clay pavers are the perfect solution to any landscape area, both residential and commercial.

And there’s more! 

If you’re set on easy care, natural clay pavers you’ll have the peace of mind knowing they will last generations. Plus, with the colour kiln fired deep in to every paver, they will never fade or dull. Clay pavers also have the unique advantage of being double sided, so should a paver become stained or damaged you can simply flip it over - and hey presto: a new-looking clay paver. You can’t get better than that!

So why not make your garden more sustainable, your landscape more beautiful and your life far easier with clay pavers.

If you want to know more, contact your nearest Midland Brick Centre and shop online for our full range of traditional and contemporary clay pavers.