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Driveway Paving

Limestone Concrete Paving by Midland Brick

Why choose pavers for your driveway?

Pavers are an incredibly durable and long lasting product, and one which can withstand the heavy and constant weight it's exposed to.

Low maintenance

Pavers are a very low maintenance material to choose for driveways; once they're laid (and laid correctly), they are set in place.

To keep your driveway paving looking in tip top condition for longer, sealing them is the preferred option as it means that any dirt, mould, tyre marks, oil or other difficult to clean substances cannot tarnish the look of your pavers.

Sealing also gives them more resistance to breakage or chips.

Their strength

Your driveway is exposed to a lot of weight, so having a strong material is crucial. Pavers are already strong on their own, but when they're laid in specific patterns, they won't budge.

Style options

Pavers are available in many colours, sizes, and shapes, giving you plenty of flexibility to find an option which will look nice and match your home.

They can also be laid in a multitude of different ways, which also makes a difference in the overall finish.

Best paver options for your driveway

There's not one right paver option for your driveway, however the type of paver you choose will have an impact on how your driveway lasts over time.

Driveways carry more weight in comparison to alfresco areas, so the thickness of the paver needs to be one of your top priorities. For driveways, a thickness of 60mm is recommended.

Best driveway paver options with a thickness of 60mm

Granite or Stonewash

Granite or Stonewash

Granite is a very hard wearing option for driveway pavers as this rock has hardened over a long time, making it a very thick and strong material.



Limestone is a great paving option to choose if you're wanting to create a light and relaxed feeling to your home.



Pavestone is a practical, affordable and versatile choice for any project. This traditional rectangle format 60mm concrete paver is available in seven colours and has a smooth texture and bevelled edge.



The large square format concrete Promenade 60mm Classic paver creates a bold modern look for your driveway.

Explore the full range of pavers!

Why the pattern you lay your pavers in matters

The way your driveway pavers are laid is important as some patterns provide a better interlock than others. The patterns we recommend for driveways are:

Stretcher bond square Stretcher bond rectangle

Stretcher Bond or Brick Bond: suitable for both square and rectangular pavers, however recommended for square pavers in driveways

45° Stack Bond Square

45° Stack Bond: recommended for square pavers in driveways

90° Herringbone rectangular

90° Herringbone: recommended for rectangular pavers in driveways

45° Herringbone rectangular with header course

45° Herringbone: recommended for rectangular pavers in driveways

Take into consideration the size and shape of the driveway as some laying patterns might make the driveway look smaller than it actually is. These recommended patterns are preferred due to their superior interlocking ability in driveways.

Styling your driveway

Matching your driveway pavers with the rest of your exterior home style creates a unified and cohesive look.

Paver colours

When choosing the colours of your driveway pavers, it primarily comes down to personal preference and choosing what you think will look nice with the rest of your home’s exterior.

You also have the choice of choosing one colour paver, or choosing multiple and blending them throughout the pattern. Pavers are blended from multiple packs as they’re laid, creating a balanced colour throughout the entire paving area.

Choosing multiple colours of pavers can also be used to direct pathways or to highlight particular areas of interest.

If you’re not sure how to create a cohesive look, consulting a design expert can help.

Paver shape

For driveways, rectangle paver and smaller square pavers are the best option as these create a stronger bond when they’re interlocked together.

Paving sloped driveways

Driveways with a slope of less than 10 degrees are typically simple to achieve without any difficulty. However, for driveways steeper than this, it can become more challenging.

As there are many variables involved to determine the right method for paving slopes above a 10 degree incline, it’s important to discuss your options with a Midland Brick sales representative or a suitably qualified structural engineer.

Calculating the number of pavers you’ll need for your driveway

The first thing you need to know is what the total area of the section you’re paving is equal to.

To make this process simpler, head to our paver product pages, select any and you can use our paving calculator. This will show you how to measure your area correctly, and do the calculation for you.

When finding out the number of pavers you’ll need, it’s important to add on an extra 5% to take into consideration any wastage or breakage when the pavers are laid.

Try our paving calculator

Maintaining your pavers

Pavers are a very low maintenance material, but there are a few things you can do to prolong their lifespan.

Things like sealing them, regular sweeping and ensuring they’re laid properly from the start are three simple things you can do.

For more tips on maintaining your pavers, visit our full guide.

Installing your driveway pavers

If you’re handy, driveway pavers can be installed as a DIY project. It’s important to remember that to get the most strength out of your driveway they need to be laid correctly, in the right pattern plus preparing the site and ground preparation is critical! What’s underneath the pavers can determine the long lasting performance of your driveway.

If you’re not sure about doing it yourself, we offer a supply and install paving service that will take care of the paving process for you under one fixed price. All you have to do is select the products you would like and let our professional team handle the entire project.