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Benefits of Brick


Nothing is more important than the material you choose to build your home, which is why thousands of West Australians have already built their home using brick.

If you're thinking of building in the near future, we encourage you to think seriously about brick. Here’s why.


Energy Efficient

Did you know that heating and cooling accounts for around 39% of the average home's energy use? By choosing bricks, you can help insulate your home and save on those energy bills.

Clay and concrete bricks are among the most effective building materials. In contrast, lightweight materials and construction methods are generally less efficient, therefore increasing the amount you’re spending on energy bills to regulate the temperature of your home.

Energy efficiency is the correct use of thermal mass, which helps moderate internal temperatures. This plays a significant role in the comfort rating of your home.

These days, energy efficiency and thermal comfort are essential parts of the home design process that have become a central focus for builders and architects.



Bricks have remained relatively unchanged in over 2000 years, and have stood the test of time around the world as a durable and reliable building material.

In Western Australia, many examples date back to our early settlement, like the remarkable State Buildings in the city and the grand old homes of Mount Lawley and Fremantle.

To appreciate the strength and durability of brick, you only have to think about how bricks consistently endure the Australian weather each year with bushfires, cyclones and storms.

Bricks are also termite resistant as they can’t eat through them. Termites love wood, so if you build your home without any wooden elements, you’re reducing the potential for termite damage and costly future renovations.


Low Maintenance

Building a brick home significantly reduces the long-term maintenance needed to keep your home looking new, clean and damage-free.

Bricks don’t show dirt like other materials do, requiring much less upkeep time. Most of the time they only need to be hosed down every so often.

Brick also never needs painting or varnishing to protect them against the harsh Australian elements as they are weatherproof.


Superior sound insulation

In many areas, hearing aircrafts, sirens, traffic and neighbours is common, however the material you use to build your home helps to determine the amount of external noise you hear as well as noise from room to room within your home.

Bricks are made with dense materials, making them a significant tool in reducing noise, both from external sources as well as through internal walls. Other materials are often made from lighter and thinner materials and don’t have the same noise insulation properties.


Fire Resistance

Clay bricks are made to withstand the ravages of heat and fire, having endured temperatures exceeding 1000ºC during the manufacturing process. This makes them more or less impervious to fire damage. And they won’t lose any structural integrity, which means they can be reused, even in load-bearing walls.

Unlike many alternatives, bricks are non-combustible. They won’t fire-proof a home, but importantly they won’t cause or spread fire, making them ideal for building in bushfire-prone areas.

Building with bricks gives you peace-of-mind and creates a strong structure to protect your investment.


Endless design opportunities

Brick has a classic, timeless quality while still being contemporary, innovative and versatile.

And today's generation of bricks offers more choice than ever before.

There's a brick for every home in every suburb, town, city, bush or beach location. There's also a brick for every exterior home style: architectural, modern, colonial, coastal, country, and even matching your renovations to the existing build.

Today, bricks come in more colours, textures and sizes than ever before, from whites to vibrant reds, black, and everything in between. And if you want the look of render without the maintenance, then consider building in smooth monochromatic face brick colours with matching mortar.

Nothing has more design diversity than clay brick – and nothing will outlast it.



If you’re thinking about how you can make your new home more sustainable, choosing brick goes a long way in achieving that.

To produce bricks, materials such as clay and shale (which are both sourced naturally and are found in abundance) are used. This eliminates any toxic chemicals going into the manufacturing process and means there’s no negative impact on the environment.

Bricks can also be recycled once you’re done with them. Bricks are often reused in new projects to decrease landfill and excess waste that would typically be seen from such large scale projects built using other materials.

As they are made using natural sources, bricks are a good option for people who are conscious of their health, or those with allergies.

There are endless design possibilities, and benefits of brick homes. To find inspiration about the types of brick you could build with, check out Midland Brick’s wide range.