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Double Clay Brick

In homes across around Western Australia, double clay brick has long been the most common method of construction.


What is double clay brick?

Double clay brick (DCB) is a type of construction method where the walls are built using two layers of bricks with a 30mm - 50mm cavity in between.

These two layers are connected using steel ties embedded in the mortar at regular intervals, adding extra stability to the structure.

During construction, a cavity is created between the two wall panels to improve thermal and acoustic insulation, and to prevent moisture from penetrating the structure. Double clay brick also allows space for your plumbing and electrics.


Double clay brick: The choice of Western Australians for generations

Why do Western Australians prefer to build with double clay brick?

It’s the smart choice for a number of reasons:

Strength and durability

WA’s sandy soils mean that structural integrity is of the utmost importance.

The strength, durability and solid foundation that double clay brick offers, means your home will stand the test of time. Double brick homes will withstand exposure to the elements, storms and fire for decades.

Sound insulation

Brick helps to absorb sound, giving it an acoustic advantage over other materials. And when you add a second layer, you get even greater sound insulation.

The excellent acoustic insulation properties of double brick make it an ideal choice to keep your home quiet and peaceful.

Thermal insulation benefits

These days, energy efficiency and thermal comfort are essential parts of the home design process.

Did you know heating and cooling makes up 39% of the average home’s energy use?

You'll be glad to learn that the energy efficient insulating qualities of double clay brick will keep your home warm in the cooler months, and cool during the hotter months.

This means smaller power bills, benefitting both your wallet and the environment.

Low maintenance

Compared to materials like timber, bricks don't rot, dent, or need to be painted (unless you want to), and they will never be eaten by termites.

Brick is one of the few materials that will still look great after many years without any maintenance.

Environmentally friendly

Here in WA we have an abundance of natural resources right on our doorstep.

Bricks are made from recyclable clay and shale. They are a natural building material, made without chemicals.

And when you take into account its thermal benefits, double brick becomes the obvious environmentally friendly choice.

Termite resistant

Termites are a very common pest in WA homes. The best way to reduce the risk of termite damage is to choose a material such as brick that they can’t burrow through.

While termites won’t damage the brick structure of your home, it’s still important to keep in mind they can burrow through any other materials like insulation or wooden framing.

With double brick construction, there is less need for timber frames, which significantly reduces the risk of termite damage compared to other building options.

A long term investment

If you’re going to build, build forever.

We are sure you want a home that's built for life! Brick can be used to create beautiful, long lasting structures in just about every architectural style.

Choosing to build with double brick is a long term investment in the integrity of your home.

Particularly if you’re building on a sandy foundation, double brick can give you peace of mind knowing your structure has the strength to last for decades.

Beautiful design

The organic beauty of a material from the earth itself.

Images of earthy tones commonly come to mind when thinking about brick. However, bricks come in many colour options and textured finishes, with endless design possibilities.

For more modern styling, choose a brick with a smooth, glossed finish. Our Spanish Range bricks are perfect for this.

If a traditional or rustic design is more your thing, there are many earthy, red styles in our Classic Range that will enhance your look. Or if a vintage look is more your style, our Revival Collection combines an old and new feel, with all the benefits of a modern engineered brick.

If you’re not sure which brick type is best suited to bring your vision to life, one of our sales consultants will be glad to lend a hand!

Add value to your home

Building with double clay brick is as Western Australian as the Fremantle Doctor, or a weekend at Rottnest.

West Aussies have come to expect double brick, so when it’s time to sell your home, you can rest easy knowing your decision will enhance your home’s value.


Should double brick be your choice?

From its insulation and environmental benefits, to its natural beauty, there are so many reasons double clay brick should be at the top of your list.

Speak to your builder, or give Midland Brick a call.

Double clay brick. There’s no other side to the debate.