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Guide to Bricks

Brick homes are in abundance in Western Australia, and for good reason! There are many advantages to building your home with bricks, making them a solid investment.

Bricks have a simple and classic look, but they can also be used for a modern finish. Depending on the look you're wanting to create, you can make this happen using the right brick.

Why choose brick

Many style and colour options

Today, bricks come in more colours, textures and sizes than ever before, from whites to vibrant reds, black, and everything in between. And if you want the look of render without the maintenance, then consider building in smooth monochromatic face brick colours with matching mortar.

Added sound insulation

Brick helps to absorb sound, giving it an acoustic advantage over other materials. When you add a second layer, you get even better sound insulation.

Energy efficient

Did you know that heating and cooling accounts for around 39% of the average home's energy use? By choosing bricks, you can help insulate your home and save on those energy bills.

Bricks help to regulate the temperature inside your home, reducing the need for constant heating or cooling.

Added fire resistance to your home

Clay bricks are made to withstand the ravages of heat and fire, having endured temperatures exceeding 1000ºC during the manufacturing process. While bricks are not impermeable to fire damage, they help to reduce the amount of damage to your home.

Durable and long lasting

Bricks have remained relatively unchanged for over 2000 years, and have stood the test of time around the world as a durable and reliable building material.

To appreciate the strength and durability of brick, you only have to think about how bricks consistently endure the Australian weather each year with bushfires, cyclones and storms. Australian weather can be unpredictable, and yet bricks continue to prove they are a long lasting building material.


To produce bricks, materials such as clay and shale (which are both sourced naturally and are found in abundance) are used. This eliminates any toxic chemicals going into the manufacturing process and means there’s no negative impact on the environment.

As they are made using natural sources, bricks are a good option for people who are conscious of their health, or those with allergies.

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Face bricks: What are they and how to choose them

Face bricks are what's visible on the walls of your project, and are often used to create a more desirable look.

When choosing the right face brick, the main considerations are the placement, colour, texture, and size of the brick.

For a coastal home

A coastal style is inspired by the natural environment. Consider bricks in our Classic range or Manor range, and give careful thought to the mortar colour and joint finish.

For a contemporary home

Inspired by the return of post modernism with its clean lines and openness, a contemporary look can be perfectly complemented with bricks from our Contempo Madrid and Estilo ranges.

For an urban home

The key to an urban style is a sleek edgy design, matched with the unexpected use of raw materials. Consider internal walls of exposed brick to add a bold twist, like our popular Restoration Red and Revival collection.

For a classic home

Celebrating styles-past but never out of fashion, the classic look is warm and inviting. For anything from Colonial to Federation, you’ll find plenty of choice in our Classic range.

Common bricks

Common or utility bricks are the more basic structural building blocks for projects. They don’t have as much of an aesthetic finish, and are not colour specific.

Not all utility bricks are suitable for external use.

Brick applications

There are many ways you can use brick, whether it’s for building the structure of your home or for DIY projects throughout your outdoor areas such as landscaping, pizza ovens and fire pits.

For DIY projects

Building a new mailbox or looking for additional backyard privacy? Bricks can help give you a solid, long-lasting and stylish finish.

Feature walls

Bricks also make for great feature walls. Depending on the look you’re going for, there are many finishes and brick sizes which can create a unique and personalised finish to your space.

Brick sizes

Depending on the type of project and the finished look you want to achieve, choosing the right brick size goes a long way in bringing that to life.

Standard size bricks

230mm x 110mm x 76mm

Manor bricks

Manor bricks sizing - 290mm x 90mm x 162mm

Brick design

Bricks offer incredible design versatility. Not only are they used as a structural component for your home, the many colours, textures and styles available make them integral to achieving your overall look.


Different finishes create different designs, from smooth bricks creating an elegant and modern styling, to tumbled bricks offering more of a rustic and traditional look. Find the right brick for your style:

Smooth bricks

Have a consistent texture and a smooth appearance with straight edges.

Cut face bricks

Have a dragged appearance across the face, giving them a weathered look that is well suited to coastal style homes.

Rolled bricks

Are treated with distinctive patterns prior to firing, which produces a variety of textures.

Tumbled brick

Have a rough texture and uneven edges which give them a rustic look, perfect for heritage or industrial style homes.


Bricks come in a range of colours, from light neutral limestone tones to deep dark reds, and they are available in a variety of textures to suit any style of home.

Why brick mortar matters

A crucial part of the building with brick process is using mortar. Mortar is a paste-like material, which is used in between bricks when laying them. This then hardens, binding bricks together and strengthening the structure.

Depending on the colour of your brick, you can vary the colour of the mortar to create a more cohesive and finessed overall look.

Mortar colour variations

  1. Natural (grey)
  2. White or off white
  3. Cream or buff
  4. Coloured (to match brick colour)

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Brick collections

Manor range

As the largest range of two course bricks in Western Australia, Manor is a stylish and popular option for a wide variety of architectural styles. These double height bricks are particularly well suited to coastal-inspired homes or those with a classically Australian influence.

Classic range

Midland Brick's wide range of single course face bricks are perfectly at home in both traditional and modern architectural styles. The timeless classics which never fade.

Revival range

This vintage look delivers all the benefits of a modern engineered brick. With distinctive character and dimension, the Revival range brings a the feeling of old and new together, guaranteed to stand out from the crowd. Also available in tumbled finish to give them a rough texture, uneven edges and a rustic look that's similar to recycled bricks.

Recycled bricks

No modern brick can recreate the natural imperfections and charming irregularities which give each recycled brick its own, unique personality. It’s why recycled bricks work so well as feature bricks and are increasingly being used by leading interior designers and architects.

Spanish range

The Spanish Collection is a premium range of face bricks crafted in Spain.

Fashioned from high-quality materials, this exceptional collection offers a distinctive and durable finish that complements modern trends.

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